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“Information will never replace illumination.”
 ~  Susan Sontag

One of my favorite phrases I use with myself ~ and with others in a Coaching context ~ is: “It’s just data.”  The purpose of that phrase is to encourage myself (and others) to look at information (people, places, things and events) as objectively as possible.  To rise above the emotionality, as it were, in order to look at the fill-in-the-blank for what it basically is. No frills. Just data.

Emotionally, something may be ‘small’:  the dog peed on the carpet;  bummer, it’s raining;  I broke a nail;  I’m out of butter.  It may be ‘big’:  oh look, a letter from the IRS;  aliens have landed in Nebraska;  the lab results are in;  my kid’s on the 10 Most Wanted List.  (Notice how all of these were “negative?”)  What about the positive:  the lottery numbers match;  that person let me in line;  there’s a sale at Macy’s;  mac ‘n cheese;  the jonquils are blooming; I got a raise;  they said I love you.

It is all just data.  At first. Then comes the incorporation into the paradigm of one’s life. How one chooses to view ‘life’ and live a life in accordance to that view determines the emotional response. Positively or negatively. Eyore or Pollyanna, or the myriad of places in between.

As one strives for living life healthier (life on life’s {new} terms as it were) the information presented can become … hopefully becomes … an illumination of new insights, self-discovery, directions for incorporating the data into a more-than-palatable means of adjusting.  Growing.  Raising one’s awareness of what matters and why it matters, in a deep and meaningful way.

In doing so, one begins to live (and think….. and feel) at a higher level of Consciousness.  I don’t have to imitate the Dalai Lama;  he’s got that gig down pat.  I simply owe it to myself to be the most honest version of me ~ and deeply understand the why of being me. That’s the honesty and integrity.  That’s the illumination.

May you shine the light on your own Way.     Namaste’    Lin