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A Key

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire, not things we fear.”    Brian Tracy

I find an interesting conundrum here …. the relationship between Consciousness and the definition of ‘success.’  I realize that as long as I am defining ‘success’ with small-mind I incorporate other people’s definition and valuation of what is seen as success or successful. It was only when I chose to develop a mental regimen of living in a more conscious manner, or living Consciously (big Mind), that I finally gave myself permission to define ‘success’ by my own terms.

So often ‘success’ is evaluated by the bigness of an event or an accomplishment. The play had a successful run  ~  s/he runs a successful business (ie: bottom line)  ~  NASA had a successful launch. Yes, those items do convey success, yet so does:  I got a good night’s sleep because the baby slept all night  ~  I read my morning meditation/affirmation like I promised myself I would do  ~  I got up in front of the class and gave my presentation (and …without throwing up!!). {Hey ! Double success!!}

As I move more into seeing all these successes in my life ~ which truly happen only through a positive state of living consciously ~ then ~ I move further away from external barometers of judging. Myself and others. I begin to champion causes that matter to me. Things I desire. It may be Body image. Financial satisfaction. Relationship cohesion. Professional fulfillment.  (It’s your list ~ so feel free to add your own!) I can evaluate the impact of a feeling, a thought, a plan, an action ~ those stepping stones of something becoming a success. For me.  Woohoo!!

What’s important here as well is that I don’t need to prove myself to others. True success lies within Self’s belief of it being a success !!  Their idea of an ideal (successful) size 6 may be very different from my comfort and ease and boogie-movement of a size 12.  Their zip code and square footage (success) may have nada to do with my finding that cottage by the sea.  Their picture on the cover of Forbes means zip compared to the joy I experience when I’ve written a quotes-post. (Yea me!!)  Psst…. just like above … it’s your list;  Consciously feel the freedom to add your own items of ‘success.’  Fear not.

You are the key. Go unlock your own door.

Success awaits.

Namaste’  Lin