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Lin is an Mssw, 'retired' social worker and clinician, who today practices her craft as a Life Coach and mentor. This 25+ years of experience includes working in the field of creating miracles (dual diagnosis and chemical addictions recovery); rewarding albeit sometimes exhausting work. She chose to leave the mental health arena and yet still embrace miracles.

The majority of her focus within the Coaching practice has been working with individuals and/or groups who are choosing to explore All That Is. Spirituality, self-discovery, and meta-physical {beyond the physical} growth are the cornerstones of change for individuals and mindful organizations. Lin chooses to work with those individuals and/or groups who wish to move away from “what’s wrong,” and toward what’s ‘right’ for them. This then becomes a journey of self-growth and focus, and a re-creation and realization of each individual as their own Miracle.

An additional bonus has been working with and within organizations ~ supporting the Vision ~ and nurturing the concepts of integrity, spiritual-capitalism, and Consciousness as a means of adding to an already engaged process.

Creating change in an ever-changing world can be exhilarating or exhausting, fearful or fascinating, or combinations of everything in between. That's what makes it the Journey.