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You know what the issue is with this world?  Everyone wants some magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.

 ~  Charles L. Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll):  01.27.1832 – 01.14.1898 
logician, mathematician, scholar, author:  Alice in Wonderland.   

I was speaking with someone a bit ago, and made a comment about an event being magical. They immediately poo-pooed that description, and went on to expound on why ‘there is no magic.’  
What about you? 

Did you lose your belief in the magical and mystical?  

When?  Elementary school?  Somewhere after the first heartache of a love-interest-left?  Taking coursework in a college or tradeschool somewhere, whose intent is on over-explaining step-by-step?  Feeling a feeling inside of what your purpose is, and then being ‘shoulded’ into doing what others said is being-a-grown-up?  All are belief dampeners. Or worse.

And yet…. the re-Minders to reconnect have been (and continue to be) extolled: 

The Monkees sang, asking  “do you believe in magic”

Hamlet to his bud Horatio – “there are more things in heaven and earth…than are dreamt of”

Roald Dahl  –  encouraged folks to “watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

What about these magicians throughout human history,  from Imhotep – Dedi (way back in 2700bc) – Pythagoras – Jannes and Jambres – Druids – Khamwaset – Native Shamans – Jesus – Melchizedek – Channels – Harry Houdini – Adelaine Herrmann – Balaam – David Copperfield – Juan Negron – Penn and Teller – Shin Lim – David Blaine – and the names of a multitude of others I am presently unaware. If “there is no magic” ~ then why have these names held throughout ancient and present history? 

Amit Ray  – “Magic and mystery lies on the edge, just outside the comfort zone.”

Albert Einstein – “if you don’t believe in any kind of magic, or mystery, basically [you’re] as good as dead“

Interestingly, a Dictionary definition of magic:   ‘an event that is so wonderful, strange, or unexpected that it seems [as if] supernatural powers have caused it.’  Cool!! Even the dictionary believes in magic. Ha!     

In my book, magic includes Events such as:  

Spring blossoms,  a newborn creature,  healing properties on this planet of water / minerals / secretions/ herbs / gems / metals.  What about Discovering love?  Ooh, ooh…..what about discovering Self love?  Magic abounds!

Tom Kenyon – “In the library of the mind there are so many books that we can choose from. May we all find the hidden books of magic that reside within us. And may we find the wisdom and the courage to bring that magic into our world.” 

The more every-one is open to the inexplicable, the more Magic has the freedom and welcome to express. 

More will be revealed. 

Keep believing.